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A nourishing network

How do thoughts and knowledge spread through a network? At which speed do ideas flourish at their best? And which routes will they take to reach individuals and groups of a distributed and undefined community of intents?

A Nourishing Network is an online-offline publication project that aims at documenting and distributing current research done by the network of artists, activists and programmers that collaborate with the Austrian net culture initiative servus.at. The publishing project that documents and circulates current research done by a network of artists, activists and programmers that collaborate with the Austrian net culture initiative servus.at.

A Nourishing Network is a continuation of Art Meets Radical Openness (AMRO) a bi-yearly festival organized by servus.at in Linz (radical-openness.org/). The festival creates space for discussions around the current impact of internet technologies and platforms. It aims to imagine possible (real) sustainable models for computational infrastructures, as an alternative to the growing techno-solutionist trend. This publishing feed is produced as a hybrid publishing process and is realised by Manetta Berends and Alice Strete from Varia (varia.zone), a collective-space in Rotterdam working with/through/on everyday technologies.

The network nourishes her subscribers at irregular times and will provide means to her readers to further disseminate the material in different networked ways.

All the articles are available online at the project website:

Participating artists:
Mél Hogan, Inari Wishiki, Adnan Hadzi & Denis Roio, Recommon.org, Christina Gruber, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Samuel Hertz & Emil Flatø, Santiago Zabala, Caroline Sinders & Jamie Allen, Kris de Decker, Tanja Brandmayr, Marloes de Valk, Charles Céleste Hutchins, Dr. Nishant Shah

A Nourishing Network is initiated by servus.at (Davide Bevilacqua) in collaboration with varia.zone (Alice Strete & Manetta Berends) and is published in the context of AMRO 2020 (Arts Meets Radical Openness). Many thanks to our partners, authors and the AMRO community. This project is produced with Free Software tools: the feeds are made with Pelican & Weasyprint; typeset in White Rabbit, Unifont and monospace; ASCII art made with ascii-art-but-with-Unicode; and just-in-case, this is the Git repository that holds the source files of this project. © servus.at and Authors 2020; Published under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.