The project consists of an artist book that contains a long photographic sequence through the spaces of the entire architectural complex of Melara, in Trieste.

The reader, beginning from the space that will host the new library from 2020, can physically explore the neighborhood following the visual indications contained in each page.

The book works as a guide based on images found within the same architectural complex.

Project realized within the framework of LaRU - Laboratory for Urban Regeneration, Artistic residency in Trieste - LARU project cofunded by Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

Thanks to: Kallipolis, CREAA, Circolo AUSER "Pino Zahar" Melara, Associazione Melara, Associazione Melart, Microarea Melara, Alice Debianchi, Matthew Earle, Veronika Krenn, Elena Tammaro, Nadia Vedova.