Like most everything else,
it's because of television

Installation: engraving, silk-screen printing, illustrations in ink, collage, electronic components, motors, lights, sound, wood.
Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 50 cm.

produced in collaboration with Giulia Minardi

Installation View

"Davide Bevilacqua and Giulia Minardi's work, Like most everything else, it's because of television, also talks about collective and individual memory. The wooden structure that contains the printed images invites us to take a closer look, but it can only be a fragmentary one. However the note of irony, underlined by the oscillation of the forms and by the coherent sound, reinforces our perception of being in front of a stage prop meant to reveal a story that concerns us seen from many perspectives." - Angelo Bertani

The installation consists of a three-dimensional composition of silkscreen prints, illustrations and engravings within a wooden frame. The prints depict the image of a man, seen from three sides, and fragments of his personal history and identity: his life appears to be the result of the relationship between his memory and upbringing, and the balance of social influences and the environment that surrounds him.

Detail - silkscreen prints

The visual composition is animated by motors and lights, which expand and amplify the narration, together with an assemblage of sounds.

The contents are hidden and protected by the wooden wall of the structure, which reveal only a small part of the whole image through irregular openings. The viewer is invited to examine the object up close, perceiving the details and the way they change over time, but never able to grasp the installation in its entirety.

The experience is developed through a series of fragmented panoramas: the protagonist's story is entrusted to the mind of the viewer, which re-elaborates and interprets the details of a unitary narration that is constantly changing.

Installation View

Exhibited at "Does Art See More", Colonos Open Call 2015
Villacaccia (Udine), IT 23.5.2015 - 7.6.2015