A Measurement Measures Measuring Means

Stefan Doepner solo exhibition at Palinsesti 2015

Castello, San Vito al Tagliamento, 15 november to 20 december 2015
Exhibition curated by Davide Bevilacqua

The artist Stefan Doepner has chosen electronic technology as the main theme of his artistic research as well as his favourite material to work with to create his art. Doepner explores the ways in which we interact with technology every day and at the same time examines the universe of electronic appliances in order to reconsider their role and show their electromechanical operating principles.

A Measurement Measures Measuring Means - Stefan Doepner

The title of his exhibition, A measurement measures measuring means, refers to the conflicting relationship between the human kind and technology: tools [measuring means] are created to be an extension of our bodies, but, from the moment they are used [a measurement], they only reveal [measures] themselves, thus inverting the roles of "maker" and "made", of "product" and "producer". Stefan Doepner contributes to overturn this interaction even further. He dismantles and analyses ordinary machines both physically and conceptually and then he reinvents their use by altering their functioning.

He builds majestic cybernetic art installations combining light, sound and movement, which catch the viewers' attention with their lively electronic atmosphere. The viewer might rediscover the surrounding technologic environment through the poetic moments evoked by the machines themselves.

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